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for swift20in20.
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survivor: samoa soo anticipating. O_o
This guy found 3 immunity idols in a row (after each tribal council) and he got saved... Nearly everyone voted for him! That's like sooo unlucky man...for the others.
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taylor swift. music.

she broke up with taylor lautner, yay for her.
really, they aren't a good pair..."friends" are just fine really...
i'm addicted to her music now...i need new music anyways :P

you're not sorry is a really sad song D: but nice (link)
i like the part where she sings:
you don't have to call anymore
i won't pick up the phone
this is the last straw
don't wanna hurt anymore

sounds so sad! :P

fifteen and our song are cool too.
currently i'm also interested in tik tok by kesha...pretty catchy, very electronic.
they're better than black eyed peas anyway, their songs have too much electronic in it (boom boom pow/i gotta feeling)

it's a new year so i can't wait for glee to come back on!
i can't wait to see what happens next!

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